Studio Remod Holiday Gift Guide

December 07, 2020

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Need a guide to finding a great gift this holiday season? Jewelry has been a traditional gift for millenia. Beautiful stones, metals, and ornaments have been able to bring us feelings of wellness, esteem, and an intimate connection to those who gave us these items as tokens of their affections.

In a year when social distance from our loved ones has been the new normal, a custom-made piece of jewelry is a great way to give your loved ones a reminder of those they hold dear even when they’re not able to hold them near. The collaborative element of the redesign process also offers you an opportunity to spend quality time with your gift recipient even if you’re not able to share the same space as you have in years past. 

You can also make custom jewelry specially tailored to anyone -- no matter who they are and whatever their style! It can also take the guesswork out of gift giving when you give the recipient the opportunity to take part in the creation of their special gift.

So now that ‘tis the season, we put together a holiday jewelry gift guide to help you find the perfect bauble, band, and token to bring you joy, togetherness, and still some sense of splendor during a difficult year. 

Gifts for Wives

Jewelry, much like marriage, is meant to last a lifetime. It’s for this reason that these cherished gifts have long represented the close relationships we share with those with whom we share our lives. Engagement rings are tradition at the start of a marriage but a custom-made update can reflect the changing styles while adding new elements to this everyday-wear piece that reflect your changing lives together. By creating a custom-redesigned ring you can create something new and deeply personal this holiday season while also saving money by re-using old and unwanted jewelry.

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This engagement ring was created for Liana, who had us redesign her old engagement ring to create something special as her and her husband moved across the country to be together after a long separation. By resetting her old diamond in a new band, Liana was able to have a brand new and more modern ring that shined to her tastes while honoring her marriage. 

Gifts for Daughters

Jodi Picoult wrote of her mother, “I want to grow old and be like her.” As time inevitably brings our kids out of our homes and into homes of their own, the connection between parents and children changes without dissipating. 

Jewelry is a great way to represent this strong bond between mother and daughter. By creating something original for her by designing or re-designing a timeless piece of jewelry, she’ll be constantly reminded of you. Jewelry is a great way to remind ourselves, on the holidays as well as every day, of the love and joy our family brings us across generations.

mother and daughter, diamond ring, holiday gift, custom jewelry

This mother-daughter ring was created by using mom’s old gems. To undertake the design both mom and daughter collaborated to create something perfect that offered them a great chance to spend more quality time together while also creating something that would suit the daughter’s younger style. 

Gifts for Moms

Shopping for holiday gifts for the woman who gave you the greatest gift of all can seem an over-large task. A great way to celebrate how much your mother means to you is something that you can share that will remind you of her daily and remind her of you daily. 

custom jewelry, mother and daughter ring, black diamond, holiday gift

Lydia, a creative director at Refinery 29, created a special gift for her mother: matching rings that both mother and daughter could wear daily. Lydia was able to style the rings according to the trends that speak to her most as a fashion-forward New Yorker, utilizing black diamond rings in a chunky triangle-shaped setting. The rings are separate but, when together, match up and go together -- much like the relationship between a mother and daughter. 

Gifts for Best Friends and Sisters

When shopping for those who pick up your late night phone calls, have been there for you since the start for times both good and bad, it’s great to get them something fun, fresh, and modern that highlights the long-term relationship you’ve had and will continue to have.

sister ring, diamond, holiday gift, custom jewelry

These matching diamond rings were created by both sisters from diamonds their mother saved for them. The two sisters worked together to create two stylish pieces of jewelry that would remind them of their mother and each other despite the fact that they now live on opposite sides of the country. 

Gifts for Him

Shopping for a man can be as tough as (he thinks) he is. When designing a custom ring or watch for him it’s good to lean towards more solid, heavy, and simplistic lines on either rings, watches, or custom-made cufflinks. Best of all is that all our gifts are made-to-order so he can even have a say in the final design. 

man's ring, custom jewelry, holiday gift

The Alex Ring, which imitates the custom-made wedding band our founder Seohee Koh made for her husband, is the perfect example of the strong, industrial style that any man would be happy to wear. 

Trendy Gifts 

Jewelry is famous for being timeless. A diamond is forever. And so on. But sometimes, people in your life are looking for something of-the-moment that will be a great addition to their fashion-forward wardrobe. Gifts for the holidays are often items that recipients wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves, and a fun and fashionable jewelry item can be a perfect extra-special gift. 

Updating an old piece of jewelry in a new, and fresh style is a great way to find a gift for the sartorial savant in your life. 

trendy gifts, holiday gifts, fine jewelry

Catharine redesigned an unworn opal bracelet into a pair of asymmetrical earrings that could be worn either together or apart for a funky, new look. 

custom jewelry, holiday gift

Also popular this year are oversized-chunky stones on both pendants and earrings. 

trendy ring, diamond ring, custom jewelry

Stackable rings are also very of the moment for 2020 with their many options for wear.

Gifts for Wellness-Seekers

In this most-confusing of years, self-care and wellness have been at the tops of everyone’s minds when stress, change, upheaval and uncertainty have been the ruling themes of the many months spent at home. Many are looking to the holidays to provide a small sense of relief from this insanity and gift-giving this year is sure to reflect that. 

Since jewelry’s earliest days, various stones and minerals have been said to have spiritual or medicinal properties that bestow health, luck, love, fertility, and longevity to their wearers. Many of these beliefs stem from cultural backgrounds, allowing you to focus on histories that are specific to you and your gift recipient.

emerald ring, custom jewelry, holiday gift

Marisa designed an emerald ring for herself using an old stone that had once belonged to her grandmother. The square-cut emerald stone reminded her of health and rebirth -- something important to her after a bout with cancer. Emeralds are also known for emotional healing and for stimulating the mind and body. This ring brought Marisa constant reminders of the health, sanity, and wellness for her future in the wake of her recovery. 

diamond ring, custom jewelry

Soojung was also interested in wellness when redesigning this ring, transferring the diamond from a white gold to an 18k yellow gold band. Gold has been known to have a marked effect on the health of its wearers, offering increased blood and oxygen flow as well as temperature regulation that helps encourage a refreshed and healthy energy. Soojung was thrilled to have a new ring whose daily wear jewelry provided not only something beautiful but also something that would contribute to her overall health and wellness.

Gifts for Kids

That’s the thing about kids: they always grow up too fast. Jewelry for your kids is a great way to show them how much they mean to you while also offering them a gift that they can grow up with and continue to grow into. It’s these gifts that will continue to bring them joy as they change from “little ones” to “not-so-little” ones. 

custom jewelry, family jewelry, holiday gift

Parme was able to take some of her old gold jewelry and redesign it into three golden pendants for herself and her two daughters. The pendant for each daughter was adorned with their name and birthstones and the pendant for Parme had both of their names and both of their birthstones. Pendants are a great gift whose size will fit a growing body from childhood to adolescence and beyond. 

custom jewelry, diamond ring

Allyson was able to redesign a chunky gold diamond ring into three stackable rings for herself and one, smaller, diamond ring in a heart setting with a distinctly youthful look for her young daughter. 

Gifts for the Last Minute

Did you forget your brother’s newest girlfriend? Someone was added late to the holiday party? Maybe you just didn’t have it in you this year to start your gift-giving preparations early. Never fear. If you don’t have time to create a custom-made gift for someone you love, Studio Remod offers premade jewelry pieces to “grab-n-go” that still show how much you care. We offer rings, pendants, and earrings from our in-house designer that are sure to fit the taste of your loved ones and your budget from our in-house fine jewelry collection, S/H KOH, from our designer Seohee Koh.

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fine jewelry, shkohnewyork

S/H KOH fine jewelry: Each design combines strong architectural lines, elegant curves and majestic stones. S/H KOH's jewelry is all about making your mark in the world with confidence and style.

Gifts for YOU!

In this season of giving we like to think of those around us who we want to show how much we appreciate. But amidst all the love we feel for those around us, it’s important to celebrate and lavish yourself as well at the end of a year that has been difficult for everyone.

Creating a custom-made jewelry piece from your old, unused jewelry is a great way to give yourself the gift of something luxurious while also being certain that it will be a gift that you know you’ll love. Whether your style is more timeless or modern, you always know just what to get yourself. Our team of designers can work with you and the jewelry you bring us to create something that is absolutely unique to you, your history, and your tastes. All while giving you the gift of less cluttered drawers! 

mom, fine jewelry, custom jewelry

This mom celebrated herself and her kids after raising a family by treating herself to this yellow and white diamond ring with a stone for a contemporary gift for herself that she knew she’d love! 

fine jewelry, engagement ring, diamond ring

Lauren loved the stunning array of diamonds she had although she was interested in giving them a ring setting as unique as she is. Lauren knew that when gifting for yourself, custom-made is the way to go. 

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The best part about custom jewelry redesign is that you can make it specially tailored to anyone -- no matter who they are and what their tastes are! It can also take the guesswork out of gift giving if you give the recipient the opportunity to take part in the creation of their special gift.

For more information about getting started with creating a custom holiday gift this season, get started here

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And from all of us at Studio Remod, Happy Holidays!