After years in the jewelry business and with her own designs successfully off the ground, Seohee Koh was ready to help her industry grow where it needed to: to the online space. While jewelry creation, and especially customization, is an age-old business, Koh was surprised by how little of the process had been moved to the online space for ease and convenience.


Studio Remod gives old heirloom jewelry new life by redesigning and repurposing it for something new. Studio Remod’s online jewelry makeover/ redesign service was established in 2019. With all of our experience in luxury jewelry design, we knew there was a great way to bring you the power of custom made jewelry in the online space followed by the individually customized process. We know your jewelry means a lot to you (even if it’s been sitting in the back of a box for years) and we want to make sure that your jewelry holds more than just the value of its materials but that it’s still something that you want to wear all the time. We call it Bring-Your-Own-Jewelry, or BYOJ, and you’ll be a part of the process of creating the new custom jewelry that you’ll actually love.


Born in South Korea and raised in Europe and USA, Seohee has been making jewelry since high school. After graduating with a degree in jewelry design from Rhode Island School of Design. Seohee has worked with the world’s most elite and luxury brands like Tiffany and Co.,Van Cleef and Arpels, to name a few. She has been a lead couture jewelry designer for over a decade. After so many years in the business, Seohee started Studio Remod but also sells her own designs under her brand S/H KOH. However, Seohee wanted to use her skills, her elite designer connections, and her desire to fill the need for some jewelry makeovers to create a new concept that would bring the custom jewelry business to the 21st century.