The Olin Collection

Our very first ready-to-wear jewelry collection made just for Studio Remod: The Olin Collection.

Named after my son Olin, who joined our family in 2020, the collection is centered around the concept of ‘O’, a highly symbolic shape. A circle. A universal symbol, representing totality, wholeness, original perfection, the self, the infinite, Eternity, timelessness, and the cyclical nature of movement and life. 

The Olin Collection is something special to celebrate the birth of my son, his life, the beginning of my journey into motherhood, and a reflection of the life-long connection between parent and child. As so many of our clients here at Studio Remod redesign their old jewelry to create new pieces to celebrate their families —new and old — and to celebrate their life events, we wanted to do the same and have created a collection to share with you, our Studio Remod family.