Jewelry Redesign Story #2: A Mother-Daughter Ring

March 19, 2019

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Before and Final Piece

Jewelry so frequently has emotional meaning, especially along maternal lines. Queenie’s mother was holding on to these heart-shaped diamonds for over twenty years, and when she decided to give them to her daughter, they decided to work on creating the design for the custom jewelry together.

Queenie, who would be the owner of the finished custom made jewelry, was interested in creating a piece of jewelry that was both substantial and delicate and she wanted to work with her mother who was to be a part of the redesign process.

Custom Made Jewelry: Options

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Proposed Rings

Taking the two diamonds to make a custom made ring started out with some hand-drawn works. After the hand-drawn proposals were finished Queenie and her mother were able to add more input in the process. A two-tiered ring -- one heart per tier -- was already decided upon but after more discussion we moved from a design with one scalloped tier and a straight gem-encrusted tier to one with one chevron tier and one straight tier, both diamond-encrusted.

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Sketch and gouache rendering

We finalized the design with Queenie and her mother and begin our final guache design and completed our 3D rhino modeling for the ring to be cast.

H2: Custom Made Jewelry: Three Options

The Redesign Reveal

H2: Custom Made Jewelry: Three Options

Finally it’s our favorite part: the reveal! Queenie can’t wait to have the new memories alongside the old memories of the beautiful gems in this custom made piece. From one generation to the next!

"custom jewelry""custom jewelry"

Material: 18k white gold with diamonds pave and heart diamonds in bezel setting.

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

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