Valentine’s Day: Your Love Stories Told In Jewelry

February 04, 2021

Valentine’s Day is the day for love. Since ancient times, love is something that has been represented, expressed, and shared through the power of jewelry. We think this makes sense: The beauty and uniqueness of each individual piece of jewelry is the perfect way to show the beautiful and unique ways that each of us show our love. 

So much of the jewelry we make at Studio Remod is a way to express the love our clients have. Much like our clients, our designs, and our lives, there are so many different kinds of love (and jewelry) that are represented in our redesigns. 

To celebrate this year’s day of love we wanted to share some of the love stories behind some of our most heartfelt jewelry redesigns. We’re showing all kinds of love here, because all love matters. Much like a great piece of jewelry, love shines.

Romantic Love: David & Liana’s 5 Year Anniversary Ring Redesign


Liana and David

Liana, an on-camera meteorologist at Weather Channel, met her husband David  in an atypical version of the now-typical way to meet your mate: online. 

“My mom created a profile for me and ‘liked’ my now-hubby’s profile for me,” Liana said. While she was initially upset that her mom got involved, Liana changed her tune when she saw what David looked like. “You’re lucky he’s cute,” she told her mother.

They went on their first date and they quickly grew close and fell in love. David, afterall, already had Liana’s mother’s stamp of approval. 

After eight months David proposed with a beautiful pear shaped diamond ring and the couple couldn’t be happier! 

Now, five years later, the couple is ready to redeclare their love — for each other and for jewelry! 

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Wedding Photo

“David knows how much I adore jewelry so he agreed we could change up the engagement ring for our anniversary,” Liana said. 

Liana, still sentimental about her original engagement ring, decided to use all the diamonds from her original ring but chose to combine the engagement ring and wedding band into one single ring. 

The new ring represents the love that they have for each other: always growing into something ever-more beautiful. 

“The love we have for each other just keeps on blossoming,” Liana said. 

studio remod, jewelry redesign, custom jewelry


Motherly Love: Queenie and her Mother in Each Other’s Hearts 


Queenie and Mother

“Mothers and daughters never truly part. Maybe in distance but never in heart.”

This quote is one that means so much to Queenie, an art curator living in New York. Queenie’s mother still lives in Hong Kong, although the two are never far from the other’s heart and mind. 

Queenie’s mother bought these two heart-shaped diamonds for her when she turned 18. On a recent trip back to Hong Kong, her mother decided it was finally time for Queenie to have the heart-shaped gems so she would have both the heart-shaped diamonds and a piece of her mother’s heart. 

Because Queenie wanted the ring to represent her relationship with her mother, she decided that her mother would be a part of the redesign process. 

“I guess we both have similar aesthetics and taste,” Queenie said, “It didn’t take long for us to agree up on a design.”

custom jewelry, jewelry redesign, valentine's day, love


Queenie was thrilled to have Studio Remod bring their shared vision to life. Now, wearing the heart shaped diamonds on a ring, Queenie knows that one of the hearts represents herself and the other represents her mother. 

Although they’re living thousands of miles apart, Queenie loves that she has a piece of her mother with her at all times. 

Sisterly Love: Moriah & Joshi’s Matching Rings

custom jewelry, jewelry redesign, valentine's day, love

Sisters Together

Through thick and thin, a sister can be the person who is closest to you in the world. Afterall, we share more DNA with our siblings than even our parents! 

Moriah and Joshi, sisters who live in different parts of the country, still feel that bond and wanted to create a custom piece of jewelry that would show off their love for each other, remind them of the other when apart. The rings also are meant to highlight the strong independent women that they are both proud to have become — Joshi, works in the arts and environmental justice and Moriah is a public defender and mother. 

There is power in giving ourselves [unmarried women] permission to wear beautiful diamonds that weren't given to us by men or to signify ownership,” Moriah said. Both sisters are unmarried both felt that wearing a diamond ring of their own without the approval of a man made them “feel like a boss”.

The sisters designed their matching rings around a pair of diamonds that were gifted to them by their mother (another badass woman, they noted). The diamonds have been passed down through many generations of women in their family, many of them artists, and all of them highly independent. Both sisters loved the way that the diamonds represented both the strength of the women in their family while also being highly feminine. 

“I love the sense of family history in the diamonds,” Joshi said.

 Before/ After jewelry

The sisters both played a role in the custom redesign of the rings, and the final design was chosen for its representation of the sisters’ relationship. The rings each feature an off-center diamond on a flat surface. “The blank space marks an absence, which references my sister,” Joshi said. As they both wear their rings miles apart (one lives in LA, the other in Chicago), they can glance at their rings and think of each other. 

The rings are identical except for the inscriptions: Joshi’s ring reads “Fire Wind Rain 2019” and Moriah’s ring reads “Wind Rain Fire 2019”. The three elements are the same, one to represent each of the sisters and one to represent their mother.

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