9 Jewelry Trends for 2021

January 21, 2021

There’s no denying that 2020 was a year unlike any other we’ve seen before. As we begin 2021, we’ve all become experts at finding a way to express ourselves in our new distanced or virtual society. 

As we begin this new year we look forward to continuing to show our styles and personalities. While we may be doing things differently, the unique ways we design and wear our jewelry offers any jewelry-lover the timeless opportunity to be themselves while exploring the trends that the new year brings. 

So what trends are popular for the year 2021?

Bold Statement Jewelry

custom jewelry, bold statement jewelry, statement jewelry

Jackie S. redesigned a tribal ring into this big and bold statement pendant.

Zoom used to be an onomatopoeia from action comics or the play words of your toddler. Now it is a fact of our day-to-day lives for both work and play as we organize game nights with friends, Christmas with family, or the third all-hands meeting of the week. The “shoulders up” fashion inherent to the video platform means that you can wear your pajamas on the bottom while using your head and neck to make a statement. 

Big necklaces and dangly earrings, often in bold colors, have been making appearances in chat windows. Whether using a variety of gemstones or heavy crushed metal plates, the answer is that bold is beautiful — and visible form even a gallery view chat window. 

In 2021 eye-catching jewelry doesn’t just need to be for the digital world. For forays we make outside or even the small act of dressing up at home, we can use jewelry to make a statement. Rings are getting bigger and more colorful and there’s an upswing in heavy metal bangles that are able to make people take notice even from six feet apart. 

bold custom ring, statement ring

Cheer things up with this bright Poptails Micki Ring from Solange Azagury Partridge. 

custom jewelry, bold statement, jewelry

This multi-gem ring is a great place to show off your jewels while creating a memento of the loved ones who gave you the stones. 

custom jewelry, statement jewelry

Heartthrob Bangle by Solange Azagury Partridge. Gold bangles are a great way to reuse gold from your old jewelry for modern styles.  

Mask “Necklaces”

mask jewelry, chains

Pearl dangle mask chain via LeLe Sadoughi.

The croakie, that often neon-colored fabric tube used to keep sunglasses from running away,  was once relegated to a particular brand of late 80s Venice Beach-style bum or your sportiest, ski-loving friends. In 2021, we all wear masks that we take on and off multiple times a day and finding out after an outdoor dinner that your mask fell from your lap to the sidewalk means that it’s less-than-appealing to strap it back on your face. Luckily, the croakie has made its comeback, but that doesn’t mean that tackiness needs to come back too. 

mask jewelry, mask chain

Pearl dangle face mask chain from Lele Sadoughi.

The croakie or mask “necklace” is a great place to highlight a uniform design chain-style necklace or a great way to redesign an old chain necklace that you no longer wear but could see new life when attached to your mask for a practical bit of pandemic-era jewelry. These chains can be a great way to redesign your old jewelry for everyday wear or even a chain for special-occasion wear.

Online Jewelry Shopping

online jewelry, bring your own jewelry, custom jewelry

Studio Remod makes shopping for jewelry online easy, fun, and secure. 

According to a National Jeweler survey, online jewelry sales were up 46% this holiday season with no signs of stopping. Making large purchases from online vendors became de rigueur in 2020. New forms of security, communication with retailers, and personalization have made shopping online — and safe — as exciting as shopping in person. 

Sites like Studio Remod offer one-on-one video calls, certified mailings, and other measures of quality and standards to make your online jewelry shopping experience as special as a brick-and-mortar of the past. None of the dangers of in-person shopping with all of the trust.  


custom design, custom jewelry

Liana worked with us to create the custom design for this covid can’t stop this dream engagement ring.

Legendary name in diamonds, DeBeers, predicts that 2021 will be the year of the “craft factor”. With a focus on personalization, gifts, and individual artisanship, bespoke jewelry allows for a perfectly 2021 way to highlight authenticity, originality, and personal significance. 

Working one-on-one with your jewelry makers, whether that includes getting your old jewelry redesigned or designing a new piece with your artisan, custom jewelry is a way to follow a trend by being entirely yourself —  all while supporting individuals rather than larger brands. 


custom ring, pearl ring

Studio Remod stackable pearl rings with pearls hand-picked in Hawaii.

The people and the designers have spoken and pearls are no longer just for your grandma (although they could have once been hers). The 2021 pearl jewelry trends highlight edgier, misshapen pearls or more forward-thinking combinations with stone gems. Pearls have been found on earrings, necklaces, and even men’s jewelry after some inspiring T.V. fashion on Nicolas Hoult in Hulu’s The Great and the always style-forward Harry Styles. No matter your gender, this is the year that the pearl is coming out of its shell. 

pearl earringa

Organic baroque pearl drop earrings via Selin K

Organization: What’s Old Is New

custom jewelry, old, new, jewelry

Take the stones hanging around your drawer and turn them into something you’ll love to wear like this chrysoprase and amethyst bead pendant. 

To say that the past year has had us all spending more time around the house would be an understatement. Many of us, instead of lamenting the woes of our untravelled day-to-days, have taken to making the most of our time in our homes (they are, after all, our most valuable investments). 

With more time at home comes more time noticing the clutter that can build up as well as more time to actually get around to looking through and organizing that clutter. Many of us have been surprised and delighted to find old jewelry pieces that we had let sit around for years, always hoping we would have an occasion to wear them, that our tastes would change, or just were unable to get rid of because of sentimental value. Maybe we were just finally waiting to have enough time to do something with them. 

diamond jewelry, diamond rings

Catharine turned these unworn diamond rings into delicate and trendy diamond ring.

Well, that time has come. With all these finds, you can make the old new again by getting your jewelry redesigned. Not only will you free up your dresser from a jumble of rings, necklaces, and bracelets, but you’ll have something new-to-you and unique-to-you and with the money-saving benefits of using old jewelry to make the new. Now that’s organized. 

Environmentalist Jewelry

Environmentalist Jewelry

These one-of-a-kind designs from Melody Jean Designs feature dendritic agate, a stone featuring tree-like patterns. 

2021 is the year when we all double down on our efforts to not only save the planet but also to respect it.

This year will have us finding ways to make our jewelry more sustainable, whether that is through creative reuse of existing stones and gems or the melting down of metals in order to create new jewelry pieces (and lower your prices!). Custom jewelry redesigns are a great way to get something “new” without having to start from scratch and use more resources. 

environmental jewelry, custom jewelry

This custom do-over features a complex leaf band.

Environmental jewelry designs are also noticing an upswing as we head into 2021. With a focus on going back to the earth, protecting the natural world, and understanding its strength and beauty we are ready to bring those elements into our jewelry design. With a focus on nature’s own patterns and iconic representations of natural elements like leaves, trees, and flowers, we are reminded of the constant need to protect and respect the planet we live on. 


stud earring

Ada studs in lavender chrysoprase via Selin Kent

This year, the understated stud is having a moment it hasn’t enjoyed since the mandatory six weeks after your first piercing. Dangling earrings have been in for decades, however in the year 2020, we learned better than to mix up a long dangle and our ever-present mask straps. 

stud earrings

Oui stud earrings are in via Nikos Koulis

A DeBeers study placed the stud as one of the top three wears to wear a diamond in 2021. These small-but-mighty pieces are a great way to show off one or a few of your stunning stones in an easy-on-the-ear location. Both classic and trendy, the stud is a great way to show off your jewelry while remaining low maintenance for a comfortable yet glamorous look. 

Meaningful Family Heirloom

heirloom jewelry, custom jewelry, family jewelry

These metals and diamonds, originally high-quality heirlooms and a gift from her grandmother, were remade into a contemporary and chic ring for Alissa

Our families are so important to us, both those that are with us every day (and every minute of those days) as well as those we don’t get to see as often as we like in these trying times.

While many of us are spending time apart from our loved ones, jewelry has proven to be a way to bring friends and family closer to us every day without having to get anywhere near six feet from each other. Jewelry is always something close to the heart and this year we’re finding ways to keep our families with us by wearing cherished heirlooms. 

custom jewelry, heirloom jewelry

H.S. brought her grandmother’s jewelry out of the drawer and on to her neck with this redesign

Whether we choose to redesign our family jewelry into something new and trendy or maintain its classic styles, sentimental personal pieces will be more cherished than ever in 2021. The timelessness of our loved ones never goes out of style. 


Are you ready to dive into 2021 with on-trend jewelry? At Studio Remod you can bring your own jewelry to work one-on-one with our designers and experts to create something new for you that is both timeless and trendy for a year that we hope will be better, but certainly will be shinier, than the last. 

Get started now with your jewelry redesign to kick off 2021.