Jewelry Redesign Story #12: What’s in the Drawer?

September 30, 2019

custom jewelry, jewelry design

Before and After


Emily had been holding on to a number of gems, jewels, and stones for a long time. While she liked the look of the materials, she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do with them. She’d been thinking of making them into a fun necklace and pair of earrings. 

Emily wanted the custom made jewelry to be fun but overall not too trendy. She wanted the designs to be fun but not a design that would go out of style.


We started off with a redesign for Emily that included tassels but Emily decided the tassels were too trendy. 

We worked instead to make a collection of items from Emily’s gems and the new-to-her labradorite. She wanted items that she could dress up or down so we thought having mix-and-match options in her redesign was a great way to make multiple styles of wear possible. 

Emily decided on a long medallion beaded necklace, a shorter beaded necklace with a clasp, and a pair of dangle beaded earrings. She wanted a medallion necklace that incorporated labradorite as the medallion centerpiece, a calcic stone with color that plays between blue-gray, green, yellow, and pink. 

Once we had decided on the type of stone, there were a number of different shapes we gave Emily to choose from. Given the options of pear-shaped, oval, cushion, and marquise labradorite, Emily decided that she liked the pear-shaped stone the best with a channel setting. 

custom jewelry, jewelry design custom jewelry, jewelry design


 custom jewelry, jewelry design custom jewelry, jewelry design

Medallion sketches

In addition to the medallion design and the shape of the stones into necklaces, we knew we would need to create a clasp for the smaller necklace (the larger one was big enough to go over Emily’s head to wear) as well as some posts for the earrings.

custom jewelrycustom jewelrycustom jewelry

Final Sketches


custom jewelry, jewelry design  jewelry design, custom jewelry jewelry design, custom jewelry

Designer Seohee modeling the jewelry before handing it off to Emily

Emily was so excited to receive the three total custom jewelry pieces that were made from her beads. She loved that she could wear the short necklace alone for a casual look and add the other redesigned jewelry piece by piece to create a more formal and elaborate look. With three pieces altogether, it seems like the possibilities are endless! 

Emily was so thrilled to go from having lots of stray beads and gems in a drawer to having lots of different stylish options of jewelry in the drawer instead.

custom jewelrycustom jewelrycustom jewelry

A set of final jewelry pieces

Materials: 14k yellow gold castings, 14k yellow gold beads and spring closure, pear-shaped labradorite cabochon

*The chrysoprase and amethyst beads are Emily’s and the bead prices are excluded from the total price. 

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Difficult

Shake up your drawers here.

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