June 01, 2019

custom jewelry, jewelry redesign
Before and After

The Redesign Challenge:

Pamela had two rings — one from each of her grandmothers. Pamela was looking for a piece of jewelry that would honor her family on both sides. Two grandmothers. One ring. 

One of the rings had a large diamond feature while the other ring featured three opals and three small diamonds. Both rings were made of gold. 

“I would really like to incorporate the larger diamond into a modern ring with the opals and smaller diamonds,” Pamela said. “That way it will be a true blend of both rings and both of my grandmothers.”

The Redesign Process:

We needed to melt down Pamela’s old jewelry so that we could use the stones and repurpose the gold from both bands. Pamela also sent us a gold medal for us to melt down and re-use. 

We gave Pamela a couple of options that incorporated all the stones from both rings into a cluster design on a newly created gold band and setting. 

Pamela chose a modern and contemporary cluster style for the ring combination. 

After a final sketch, a 3-D model, casting, and finally setting, the ring was ready for Pamela to wear.

custom jewelry, jewelry redesigncustom jewelry, jewelry redesign

Sketch options and final sketches


custom jewelry, jewelry redesign


3D Jewelry CAD

 custom jewelry, jewelry redesign

custom jewelry, jewelry redesign

Castings and stones


The Redesign Reveal:

Pamela was so happy that the ring was so modern and yet still a family heirloom that represented both sides of her history. We found this redesign especially heartwarming as well! 

Image 2: 3-D CAD design    The Redesign Reveal:

Ring on customer

custom jewelry, jewelry redesign

custom jewelry, jewelry redesign

Material: 14k yellow gold castings, 3 oval opals, 0.5 ct round diamond, 2mm round diamonds (these stones are Pamela’s and the stone prices and gold were excluded from the total price)

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

Get started combining your family heirlooms! 

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