Jewelry Redesign Story #14: From Grandma to Sweet 16 to Now

October 15, 2019

custom jewelry, fine jewelry, jewelry


Alissa owned some jewelry that has a history in her family and a history of being remade. Originally from her grandmother’s jewelry, it was remade for Alissa’s sweet sixteen to make a collection of gold and diamond custom jewelry pieces including a necklace and earrings.

Being sixteen is a lot different from being the contemporary and chic adult that Alissa is now and the jewelry no longer reflected the person Alissa has become. While Alissa appreciated the gift and the heirloom quality of the metals and jewels, she was not often wearing the pieces which, regrettably, were collecting dust in a drawer. 

Finally, for her birthday this year, her partner Lisa wanted to get Alissa this jewelry makeover as a gif to make this new ring more meaningful to Alissa.


Alissa brought us the sweet sixteen jewelry pieces as well as some white gold rings that we could use to create something sleek that would reflect who she currently is as a modern and contemporary woman. 

jewelry design, custom jewelry, fine jewelry

Extra white gold to deduct the cost

With a streamlined design as our goal, we were able to create a design that used all of the gold and diamonds from the sweet sixteen pieces.  Also, the additional white gold rings that Alissa brought in were sold to deduct her final price which she was happy about.

custom jewelry, fine jewelry, jewelry

The elected sketches

While we knew we wanted the modern look of the X-style ring, we played around with a couple of different widths for the space in the X’s. 

We decided on a medium-size width and began our 3D modeling process to make the new casting. 

jewelry design, custom jewelry, jewelry

CAD imagery of the final design from different angles

jewelry design, jewelry, fine jewelry, custom jewelry jewelry design, jewelry, fine jewelry, custom jewelry jewelry design, jewelry, fine jewelry, custom jewelry

After rhino modeling, castings are out


Alissa loved the custom-made ring that was able to incorporate all of her earlier pieces into something she would be interested in wearing daily. She loved that she didn’t have to worry anymore about beautiful, yet-unloved, jewelry collecting dust in a drawer. Now the diamonds can collect light on her finger!

custom jewelry, jewelry design, fine jewelry

New jewelry on customer

custom jewelry, jewelry design, fine jewelry

custom jewelry, jewelry design, fine jewelry

Materials: 14k yellow gold and scoop set of diamond. Additional white gold rings.

*all gold and diamonds were Alissa’s and thus were not a part of the final price

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium


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