Jewelry Redesign #3: Ring In More Health

March 19, 2019

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Before and After

Soojung is a thoroughly modern woman and one who wants to wear an engagement ring to match. While her beautiful white 14k gold and diamond engagement ring is something she’d like to wear every day, she hasn’t been because she finds the design to be too far from her personal style. Soojung felt that its design was simply dull, generic, and wasn’t providing the spiritual needs that she felt should come from a daily wear.

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Gold Jewelry for Health

Soojung did some research to discover that a 18k yellow gold rings have historically been known for their health and spiritual benefits, including the prevention of dark energy in the body and even reducing toxins.

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Final sketch, gouache rendering, 3D design

"custom jewelry"

With this in mind, we knew that 18k yellow gold had to be a part of our design going forward. Soojung mentioned wanting something modern and sophisticated so we got to work on three sketches with her custom redesign goals in mind.

A Custom Made Ring for Everyday

We landed on a design that was both delicate and refined for her custom ring while still remaining a daily wear ring for Soojung.

"custom jewelry"

Final ring 

Soojung loved the finished custom ring.

“It’s exactly what I wanted!”

Material: 18k yellow gold shank with 18k white gold prongs; stones are client’s own.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

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