March 20, 2024

Before and After


Kiai is a returning customer of ours who came to us to make a second piece of jewelry from the stones from a necklace she brought to us a few years ago that she had received as a gift from her mother. We had made contemporary ruby and diamond ring from stones from this same piece of jewelry from her mother (Story #60) and we had these small baguette rubies leftover. Also, her partner has given her a yellow diamond eternity ring, and Kiai wanted to use these stones to create another ring that she could wear with her yellow diamond eternity ring. 

For her yellow diamond eternity ring, we had recently resized it to be a bit smaller so it would fit her perfectly. Due to the resizing, we had one extra yellow diamond as well as two additional diamonds from the original necklace from her mother that were still available for us to incorporate into her new piece of jewelry she commissioned from us for this second redesign. 

Kiai wanted to use all these stones -- the two round diamonds, the one yellow diamond, and the 12 baguette rubies -- to create a new ring that she could stack with her yellow diamond eternity ring.



Kiai loves a clean and simple design. As we had already worked with her on her last ring from the stones from the same necklace from her mother, we knew just the style that she would be interested in for her new jewelry redesign. 

We created a design that featured a simple band with flush settings for the stones that would emphasize their square, baguette shapes. We also made sure that the band had a square profile that would also highlight and echo the baguette shape of the ruby stones. 

With all the ruby baguette stones laid out and included in our design, we decided to include the yellow diamond at the center and the two white diamonds on either side of the yellow diamond to accent it and create balance. This diamond and ruby placement gave the ring a certain sparkly and richness that we knew Kiai would love and cherish. 

We also decided that we should add a rim to both edges of the ring. This rim would enhance the geometric shape of the stones and underscore the overall geometric elements of the design. 


 Rhino modeling

Rhino CAD modeling was important to make sure the ring featured the right dimensions to allow for all the stones to fit perfectly in the band. Because the baguette shapes of the rubies were of varying sizes, this required a certain attention to detail managed in the Rhino CAD modeling process.


With the Rhino model set we were ready to cast. With the cast we could see that all the stones, in their varying sizes, would fit into the band and we were ready to set and finalize the ring and present it to Kiai.


Redesign images

The final ring was stunning, simple, and matched perfectly with Kiai’s eternity ring from her partner. Kiai loved that she could wear this second ring either alone or stacked with her eternity ring which was a gift from her partner. 

Material: 12 baguette rubies in a flush setting, two round diamonds in flush setting, one yellow round diamond in flush setting. 14k yellow gold.

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

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