Jewelry Redesign Story #75: The Emerald is Always Greener on the Other Side

March 18, 2024

custom pendant
Before and After


Glenis had this beautiful emerald ring that was a gift from her aunt. Glenis loved the stone and loved how it reminded her of her aunt but she found the ring to be too chunky and didn’t match with the style of things she normally would wear. Glenis much preferred necklaces and thus came to us looking for a modern pendant that would feature the emerald in all of its beautiful green glory.




Glenis had a few chains of her own that she wanted us to use for the redesigned necklace. Amongst the chains she brought us, she selected a delicate ball pendant chain which we all agreed would be an exciting contrast to the emerald and make  it look extra modern and perfectly surprising.


rhino cad

 Rhino modeling

When working off of pre-owned jewelry, the Rhino CAD model is especially important to make sure that we are working off of all the right dimensions of the existing pieces and that they will all fit together perfectly in a way that looks exactly the way that the client wants.



Once we had our casting, we knew that the setting was perfect and ready to fit the stone that we had from Glenis’ aunt’s ring.


custom pendant

custom pendant

custom pendant

Redesign images

We loved the contrast between the delicate ball chain and the chunky emerald in bezel setting and Glenis was thrilled with the way the striking emerald stone looked on her complexion. She loved the necklace immediately! 

Material: Rectangular emerald in bezel setting in 14k white gold

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

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