JEWELRY REDESIGN STORY #70: Shape-Shifting: A New Ring Based on Stone Shape

March 18, 2024

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Before and After


Jiwon received a unique pendant in 18k yellow gold from her aunt that featured two pear-shaped stones -- one in tourmaline and one in aquamarine. Because of her modern and minimalist style, she thought that she’d be more interested in a statement ring rather than the detailed pendant that she received as a gift. 

Jiwon’s favorite part of the pendant was the shape of both of the stones -- pear-shaped in a way that reminded her of a scroll. Because Jiwon liked this shape so much, she wanted it to be the focal point of her new ring. 

Most importantly, Jiwon realized that the two stones could be made to interlock -- creating a wonderful and distinctive shape from the synergy of the two stones together. 


precious stones

Tourmaline and Aquamarine



All of our concept sketches made the special shapes of these stones the centerpiece of the new ring. We wanted to highlight the shapes of both of the individual stones but also to bring them together to make one new and novel shape that would really make Jiwon’s ring stand out. 


rhino cad

 Rhino modeling

Rhino was an important step here as we needed to make sure we were using the right shapes for the stones so that they would fit together and fit into the ring perfectly. Because these stones are so unusual in their shape, this was a particularly time-consuming redesign as much of the work in CAD needed to be done originally for this particular piece. 



Once we had our cast ready we knew that the ring settings were the perfect size, even for the uniquely shaped stones that Jiwon had brought to us. We also knew that the two stones would interlock perfectly!


custom ring, precious stones

custom ring

custom ring

custom ring

Redesign images

The final result was a stunning and distinctive ring that was unlike other jewelry and stones -- but was perfect for Jiwon! We were thrilled to make such a beautiful ring redesign for our customer. 

Material: Green tourmaline in bezel setting, aquamarine in bezel setting, 14k gold 

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

Want to get in shape? Get started with a design for your unique stones here.

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