Jewelry Redesign Story #55: Organic Ring Is Natural and New

September 19, 2022

custom jewelry, custom ring
Before and After


Katherine approached us with her green tourmaline ring. While she loved the stone, she thought this particular ring was too chunky, heavy, and rigid for her style and taste. 

Katherine wanted us to redesign a new ring that had a light, organic, and fluid design that would match with the forest green color of her stone. 

This style of embellished-yet-light design is a bit different from the usual style at Studio Remod, which more frequently works on clean, modern, and geometric designs. However, we are always up for a challenge and love the opportunity to expand our design styles to create something new both for us and for Katherine. 


custom jewelry, custom ring, sketches

custom jewelry, custom made ring

custom jewelry, custom made ring 

initial sketches

We offered Katherine a number of rounds of sketches that worked towards a happy middle ground behind our standard, crisp, aesthetic with her preference for the organic, nature-inspired style to match her verdant stone and create a whole new style which we are calling “clean organic”.

custom ring, custom jewelry

custom ring, custom jewelry  

Rhino modeling

The “clean organic” ring featured a cage-like setting for the large, green, tourmaline stone. Because of the cage design, the ring model had to be designed as with some extra metal. This is due to the fact that, in order to set the tourmaline, we would have to cut the casting in half and solder it back together in its cage.

custom ring, casting, custom jewelry custom ring, casting, custom jewelry custom ring, casting, custom jewelry


Although we cast the ring in one piece, we included a bit of extra metal to account for what we would lose when we cut the cast in half in order to place the tourmaline stone in its cage.

Once the stone was set and firmy in the cage, we set the small diamonds in the vine accents of the prong to create the refined and sparkling design elements to really make the ring something special that we knew Katherine would love.


custom jewelry, custom ring, custom made ring, studio remod

custom jewelry, custom ring, custom made ring, studio remod

custom jewelry, custom ring, custom made ring, studio remod

custom jewelry, custom ring, custom made ring, studio remod

custom jewelry, custom ring, custom made ring, studio remod

The finished jewelry

Katherine loved the way that her taste for an embellished and nature-inspired ring mixed with our more minimal design aesthetic. 

We especially loved the way we added an angle to the stone’s placement on the band and can’t wait to use our new design ideas to make even more design dreams come true! We are so grateful to clients like Katherine that push us to create something new which, at Studio Remod, we know always results in something much more incredible. 

Materials: 14k yellow gold, diamonds, tourmaline

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium


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