Jewelry Redesign Story #5: The Flattering Imitation

May 09, 2019

3D image

Before and After

The Redesign Challenge:

Anna knows her way around an online auction. When she bought this 6.23 ct oval Aquamarine stone online she knew it was meant to become a cocktail ring — one of her favorite kinds of pieces.

Anna, not a stranger to the jewelry redesign process herself, brought us another ring whose twisted rope strand was something she greatly admired. Without asking for a direct replica, we worked with Anna to create a design that was similar to the model ring.Custom jewelry, custom ring

Sketches with shank details


The Redesign Process:

In order to create a redesigned ring that wasn’t an exact copy of Anna’s other ring, we wanted to give some options regarding the twisted strand. We made two sketches: one with a single twisted strand and one with a double twisted strand.

Before Anna made her final decision, we also offered her a 3D rendering of both  redesign options. We wanted to make sure that she got a ring that she was entirely in love with.

Anna loved the double strand design and, we had to admit, we loved it too!

We refined the final design and created a refined gouache painting before moving on to the wax casting and eventually the custom made manufacture of the jewelry. All that was left to do was set the stone and polish it so that it would really shine when Anna came in to pick it up!

Custom jewelry, custom ring

custom jewelry, custom ring

3D image

custom jewelry, custom ring 3D image 
3D image 3D image 


3D image

Guache Rendering

The Redesign Revealed:

Anna, a New York City resident, couldn’t wait to come meet up with us in person to receive her custom jewelry. She was thrilled with the way it fit and how much it looked exactly what she wanted. We love a happy customer!

custom jewelry, custom ringcustom jewelry, custom ringcustom jewelry, custom ringcustom jewelry, custom ring

Finished piece

Material: 14K white gold castings, 6.23 ct oval aquamarine stone

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

Learn how you can design imitation jewelry of your own with us here.

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