Jewelry Redesign Story #40: This Ring Is So Random!

July 04, 2021

custom jewelry, jewelry design, redesign
Before and After


Katherine loves her new pearl and diamond pendant, something we recreated to her tastes from a gift from her mother-in-law. For the pearl pendant with a diamond pave cap, we were only able to use the round diamonds from her mother-in-law’s original gift. In order to make the best use of all of the beautiful stones in her mother-in-law’s jewelry, Katherine decided to create something with the small, baguette-cut diamonds. 

custom jewelry, jewelry design, redesign

Baguette diamonds from the old pearl pendant

It was Katherine’s own idea to create a small, but elegant pattern ring, utilizing the baguette-cut diamonds. After one redesign with us, we were impressed that Katherine already was coming to us with her own perfect solutions!  



custom jewelry, jewelry design, sketches

Set of initial sketches for Katherine’s redesign

We created a number of different sketches for Katherine’s ring featuring the baguette diamonds. The main differences between the designs were that some featured the diamonds  in a more clustery and random pattern or in a way that featured the diamonds in a more orderly and repetitive way.

Katherine loved the way that the random pattern of the diamonds made the design seem so unique while also remaining simple and sleek for everyday wear.

custom jewelry, jewelry design, rhino modeling, redesign

custom jewelry, jewelry design, rhino modeling, redesign

Measuring each diamond for Rhino modeling

Having a “random” design is never quite as random as the final product looks. In order to create the seemingly variable pattern, we had to carefully measure each individual baguette diamond to make sure that we could fit all of the designs onto the ring that we carefully measured and model in Rhino before casting it in white gold.

casting, jewelry design, custom jewelry casting, jewelry design, custom jewelry




custom jewelry, jewelry design, redesign

custom jewelry, jewelry design, redesign

The finished jewelry


custom jewelry, jewelry design, redesign

The finished jewelry on customer

By the time this simple piece of jewelry was done we were all so in love with it. We were so surprised with how much we all loved this leftover diamonds ring. 

Katherine can’t wait to wear her new random baguette diamond ring to add something special to the everyday. 

Materials: 14k white gold ring with baguette diamonds set in prong setting

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium


Want to create something special with your random stones? Get started here.

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