JEWELRY REDESIGN STORY #38: Engagement Ring Redesign to Highlight Life’s Meanings

July 01, 2021

custom jewelry, jewelry design, jewelry redesign
Before and After


Dionne has been married for over 30 years and has loved the beautiful wedding and engagement rings that she has been wearing every day since. However, after so long and so many life changes, Dionne wanted to redesign her ring to represent the meanings of her life and family through a ring to wear for the rest of her life. 

Dionne wanted something that would represent her family by adding the birthstones of all of her family members, including an extra-large citrine to represent the birthstone of the son that she lost but has never forgotten. 

Dionne also wanted a band going across the entirety of the ring to represent the universality of love, marriage, and family across the course of a lifetime. 


 custom jewelry, sketches, jewelry design

Initial Sketches 

We created designs for Dionne that incorporated layers and lines with each of the birthstones embedded into various spaces in the metal. 

Dionne chose this design of clustered overlapping bands to represent the infinite nature of marriage. 

custom jewelry, rhino modeling, jewelry design

custom jewelry, rhino modeling, jewelry design

Rhino modeling and technical drawing

Once we had decided on this design we had to make sure that we could work all of Dionne’s diamonds from her old wedding and engagement rings as well as elegantly fit the additional birthstones that she was adding to her new ring.

custom jewelry, jewelry design, casting custom jewelry, jewelry design, casting Receiving the casting for this piece was essential to making sure that each of the bands would be adequately defined without making the overall design look or feel too chunky.

The casting

Receiving the casting for this piece was essential to making sure that the weight of the gold and the bezel would hold each of the diamonds with proper balance and create the perfect essence of the design for the final piece of jewelry. 


custom jewelry, jewelry design, fine jewelry

custom jewelry, jewelry design custom jewelry, jewelry design custom jewelry, jewelry designcustom jewelry, jewelry design  

The finished jewelry

Dionne loved her final ring. She was so pleased that it was able to represent all the meaningfulness in one single jewelry piece that would remind her of where she has been and where she is going. 

We were so happy to be able to create this complex and colorful ring to highlight her “means of life”.

custom jewelry, jewelry design

The finished jewelry on customer

Materials: Platinum ring with princess cut and marquise-cut diamond in bezel setting. Round citrine, emerald, peridot, and amethyst stones in bezel setting. Round diamonds in cut-down setting.  

Manufacturing Level: Difficult

Design Level: Medium


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