Jewelry Redesign Story #34: The Perfect Do-Over Ring

March 10, 2021

custom jewelry, jewelry design
Before and After


We originally met with Catharine in 2019 when she came to us with a cushion-cut yellow diamond that she had in a custom-setting ring that she no longer suited her. Working through a number of designs we created an intricate vine-styled band that Catharine loved for its romance and femininity. 

Now, two years later, Catharine was ready for another new setting for her beautiful yellow-gold diamond to fit into her current lifestyle and current tastes. Catharine knows the value of truly loving your jewelry and is always excited for a new opportunity to find the perfect piece for her!

Catharine’s goals for this redesign were to create a modern and contemporary piece that would be perfect for everyday wear. 

Much like Catharine, we were glad to be able to create a ring that she was absolutely in love with. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with every jewelry piece they get from us! As this ring was a redesign of our redesign, we kept costs down as much as possible and worked extra closely with Catharine to make sure that she was involved in every single step of the design decision-making process and knew all of her wide variety of options for design choices. 

Color was incredibly important to Catharine so we wanted to be sure to land on the perfect shade of gold for the ring’s setting and band.  


 custom jewelry, jewelry design, custom made jewelry

custom jewelry, jewelry design, sketch, rhino

Initial Sketch (side by side) Rhino

We offered Catharine a number of design options and she gravitated towards one with a number of lines curving in and out of resting positions. To make the ring extra special we added diamond accents throughout the intricate band for emphasis and extra shine. 

Once we built our model in Rhino, Catharine knew she loved the design although she still was torn over what color the ring should be. 

custom jewelry, jewelry design, custom made jewelrycustom jewelry, rendering, jewelry designcustom jewelry, rendering, jewelry design    

Color Renderings

Because of Catharine’s value on the color of the ring we wanted to make sure she was extra certain about her choice. We were happy to offer her color-specific renderings for each of the golds that she was considering: rose gold or yellow gold. We showed her the ring design in both of the gold options as well as some designs involving a mixture of the two. After some back and forth, Catharine decided on an 18k rose gold shank with a 14k yellow gold bezel setting for the diamond itself. 


custom jewelry, jewelry designcustom jewelry, jewelry designcustom jewelry, jewelry design   


 The final jewelry

Catharine was so happy when the new ring was delivered directly to her home. After so many custom-settings and redesigns and re-redesigns, she was so happy to finally have the perfect ring for her yellow-diamond stone — one she looks forward to wearing every day. In fact, she’s already started wearing it! 

A jewelry lover through and through, Catharine knows that it’s important to have something special and perfect for you when you have jewelry. Now that she’s found it, Catharine is glad to have her perfect do-over ring on her finger everyday. 

custom jewelry, jewelry designcustom jewelry, jewelry designcustom jewelry, jewelry design

New Jewelry on the Customer

Materials: 18k rose gold, round diamond in cut-down setting, 14k yellow gold bezel setting for a yellow diamond

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium


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