Jewelry Redesign Story #20: Something New: A Revitalized Engagement Ring After 15 Years

February 27, 2020

custom jewelry, jewelry design, jewelry redesign

Before and After


When choosing an engagement ring, we’re sure we all knew to pick something timeless. Sometimes, however, we can’t see past the excitement of the moment or trends of the era and, 15 or so years down the line, we’re ready to try something new for the ultimately in everyday jewelry. 

This is exactly what happened to Rui, who celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary this year. After 15 years with a complex, high-set ring of green amethyst and blue sapphire, set in 14k white gold. Rui had found that the white gold did not adequately highlight the beauty of the stones and that the high-setting caused dirt to settle, making the ring look messy without consistent upkeep and obscuring the beauty of the stones. Instead of all the clutter, Rui wanted something clean and simple. 

So, to celebrate her milestone, Rui came to us to create the custom-made modern and contemporary ring she wanted for the next 15 years and beyond. 


We wanted to explore some bezel settings to go with the look Rui likes of satin finishes and handmade rings. Although she wanted something sleek and modern, she also didn’t want something that looked too over-polished and commercial. 

custom jewelry, jewelry designcustom jewelry, jewelry design

bezel sketches


We also showed Rui some prong settings which she ultimately decided were a better fit with the satin finish for what she had in mind for a minimal and modern redesign.

custom jewelry, jewelry design

prong sketches


We went forward using the prong design and the use of yellow gold to make the stones really stand out in the low-set ring. 

 custom jewelry, jewelry design

CAD imagery of the final design

             custom jewelry, jewelry design  custom jewelry, jewelry design custom jewelry, jewelry design, casting  custom jewelry, jewelry design

New ring casting


Rui loved the newly minimal ring and she loved how both the setting and the yellow gold were able to make the blue sapphire and green amethyst really stand out without actually standing taller in the setting. 

With a new ring in tow, Rui can really begin her anniversary celebrations!

                        custom jewelry, jewelry design custom jewelry, jewelry design  custom jewelry, jewelry design

custom jewelry, jewelry designcustom jewelry, jewelry design

Final ring 

Materials: 14k yellow gold with blue sapphire rectangular cut and green amethyst trillion cut

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

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