Jewelry Redesign Story #10: Self-Designed Ruby

September 15, 2019

jewelry design, custom jewelry

Before and After


Tatyana came to us with some gold jewelry, a ruby ring, and some diamond earrings from her grandmother. Tatyana was very close with her grandmother and wanted to honor her jewelry in a beautiful design. 

Because Tatyana is a jewelry designer herself she was able to sketch her own design which we were able to fully realize as a finished piece that she could wear every day to remind her of her grandmother.


jewelry design jewelry design

basic design model 

jewelry design, jewelry cad
3D cad image
jewelry design jewelry design

Tatyana had already done some of the work for us by making her own custom design! We were able to receive her basic layout files and simple model. We had to do some slight tweaking in order to make sure the ring could be manufactured. 

Once the designs were finished we were able to send in her gold jewelry to be recast and reused to create this statement signet ring with the bezel setting. 


Tatyana loved her new custom piece. It looked exactly like she had designed it with her own style in mind as well as creating a fitting tribute to her grandmother.

jewelry design, custom design

ring on customer

jewelry design, custom jewelry

jewelry design, custom jewelry

New ring  

Materials: 18k yellow gold shank with 3ct ruby and diamonds

*the stones were Tatyana’s and thus were excluded in the price. 

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium


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