Jewelry Redesign Story #11: New Mother, New Custom Ring

September 15, 2019

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Yasmin is a lucky lady. She has a new, six month old baby and a loving husband who bought her a vintage opal ring for her first Mother’s Day. 

She absolutely loved the ring, the thoughtfulness of her husband, and the beautiful opal at the center of the ring but, unfortunately, the ring wasn’t exactly her style. Yasmin was looking for something a bit shinier and more contemporary than the decided vintage look and feel of the original ring. 

She knew just what to do to make the ring (literally) sparkle, she wanted to add two small diamonds framing the opal to make it really twinkle on her finger.


sketching, jewelry design sketching, jewelry design


jewelry design, 3d modeling

3d model

In order to redesign the ring to add the diamonds and make the entire ring look more modern we had to replace the shank. We decided to keep the opal in a bezel setting and add two, smaller bezel setting in the new shank for the small sparkling diamonds. This new shank would replace the vintage inspired one of the original ring. 

jewelry design jewelry design

Pieces ready to be assembled.


Yasmin loved the new ring. It was simple and modern while still maintaining the thoughtfulness and care of her husband. We were glad to redesign this ring as a modern ring for a modern mother.

jewelry design, fine jewelry

New jewelry on customer 

jewelry design, fine jewelry

jewelry design, fine jewelry

New ring

Materials: 14k yellow gold shank with bezel set diamonds and opal 

*the opal is Yasmin’s and thus was not a part of the final price

Manufacturing Level: Basic

Design Level: Basic

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