Jewelry Makeover

Simple with details

Jill’s grandmother had given her a three stone diamond ring some time ago. Jill loved holding on to the ring and the memories it brought her of her grandma but, unfortunately the ring’s design wasn’t suited to her style. Although she wanted to wear this piece of her grandmother as a reminder of her, she didn’t really want to wear the ring in its current design. 

Jill thought it was such a waste not to wear the beautiful diamonds that were such a thoughtful gift that her grandmother had given and was something that they could share across the years. 

So, Jill decided to reach out to us at Studio Remod in order to redesign and upgrade the ring so she could have a new-to-her piece of jewelry in her style that she could finally wear and show off her love for her grandmother.

Jill wanted something that would update the design of her grandmother’s ring, which she thought to be a bit old fashioned, but something that was still classic and simple. 

Material: Round diamonds in cup-like shaped prongs in 14k rose gold 

*All diamonds are Jill's.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $1200


custom jewelry, custom ringBefore
custom jewelry, custom ringAfter