Jewelry Makeover

Both big & bold and mall & delicate

Amesika inherited many beautiful pieces of jewelry from her mother-in-law. She was so thrilled that she was honored with this treasured gift however, she also knew that some of the styles of the pieces did not suit Amesika’s personal style. 

In order for the jewelry to shine its brightest and do what it was meant to do — be worn! — Amesika came to us to use the stones to create not one, but two new jewelry pieces from the ones from her mother-in-law.

Amesika particularly liked the large tourmaline stone from a ring from her mother-in-law, however, she envisioned it on a simple, bold, and geometric pendant. 

Additionally, Amesika wanted to use the diamonds from her mother-in-law’s jewelry to create another piece that was totally different: delicate cluster stud earrings for everyday wear.

Although these two pieces Amesika wanted were very different, they both are very within the style Studio Remod loves to do and we were excited to offer her two pieces that were both similar and different and were exactly what she wanted with the gems provided and the requests Amesika sent to us. 


Pendant: Oval green tourmaline in bezel setting, 14k yellow gold 

Earrings: Multiple cut-diamonds in prong setting, 14k yellow gold 

*All diamonds and stone are Amesika's,.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $2700 (Pendant: $1800, Earrings: $900) 

custom ring, studio remodBefore
custom ring, studio remodAfter