Jewelry Makeover

Organic ring is natural and new

Katherine approached us with her green tourmaline ring. While she loved the stone, she thought this particular ring was too chunky, heavy, and rigid for her style and taste. 

Katherine wanted us to redesign a new ring that had a light, organic, and fluid design that would match with the forest green color of her stone. 

This style of embellished-yet-light design is a bit different from the usual style at Studio Remod, which more frequently works on clean, modern, and geometric designs. However, we are always up for a challenge and love the opportunity to expand our design styles to create something new both for us and for Katherine. 

Materials: 14k yellow gold, diamonds, tourmaline

*All diamonds and the stone are Katherine's.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $2000

studio remod, custom ringBefore
studio remod, custom ringAfter