Jewelry Makeover

The best gifts are from yourself

Erin inherited quite a lot of jewelry pieces from her mother. Although she admired them and did like to wear them, she also recognized that she was interested in pieces that were a bit lighter, more delicate, and easier to wear than was the fashion when her mother was wearing jewelry which were heavier and more rigid than what is in style (not to mention more comfortable!) now. 

When Erin reached out to us with this redesign request, she knew it was the perfect time to recreate her mother’s earrings: It was her birthday and this was just the gift that she wanted to give herself! 

Erin, a woman who knows what she wants, isn’t. afraid to let her husband take the back seat when it comes to gifts. In this case, that meant taking charge of the gift herself on behalf of her husband. She picks, he pays. Everyone wins! 

Material: Round emeralds and diamonds in a prong setting in 14k yellow gold

*All diamonds and emeralds are Erin's

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $2000

studio remod, custom earringsBefore
studio remod, custom earringsAfter