Jewelry Makeover

Resetting of her engagement ring

Lauren has been wanting to reset her engagement ring for a while. She had purchased Studio Remod fund raising ticket and came to us to redo her ring. We were so thrilled to work on her ring. Her request was to make the setting more special and delicate since she felt that her current setting was too generic and dull.  We had shown her a few sketches, and she picked the one that felt the most unique to her. We really loved what she picked. When we finished her ring, she was so pleased with her ring. 

Material: 18k white gold casting, oval blue sapphire and marquise diamonds in prong setting.

*These stone is Lauren’s, and the stone price is excluded from the total price.

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Difficult

Price: $1450


custom jewelry, jewelry redesignBefore
custom jewelry, jewelry redesignAfter