Jewelry Makeover

Grandma's gold and dad's diamond ring

Lauren had a ring from her grandma and a pair of diamond earring from her dad. She adored them both, but she couldn't wear them since they were not in her style. Since they are dear to her, she wanted to find a way to wear them daily. So, we liked the idea of making them into a new diamond ring.  We reused her grandma's gold by melting it down and use the diamonds from the pair of earring from her dad. And, the result was a beautiful and simple channel set princess diamond ring. She's so happy to wear it everyday, and this still keeps her memory of her grandma and her dad.

Material: 9k yellow gold with 8 princess cut diamonds in channel setting.

*All gold and diamonds are Lauren’s, and the price is excluded from the total price.

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

Price: $600


custom jewelry, jewelry redesignBefore
custom jewelry, jewelry redesignAfter