Jewelry Makeover

Ring in the road to recovery

Marisa had an emerald ring from her grandmother that had long since been sitting in a drawer in her house. 

After being diagnosed with an illness and undergoing treatment, Marisa decided to take stock of her life -- and her things -- and found herself wanting to keep the token of her grandmother without letting it sit tucked in a drawer forever. 

Marisa loved the emerald of her grandmother’s ring -- it reminded her of spring, new birth, and her new era of recovery -- and wanted to maintain that element of revitalization. The current ring, however, was fairly top heavy, with a large stone and a delicate base. After her treatment, Marisa was focused on keeping her wellness through balance and wanted her new ring to reflect that ethos in her new lease on life. 

Materials: 14k yellow gold with emerald in prong setting and 14k white gold with diamonds in shared prong settings

*These stones are Marisa’s, and the stone price is excluded from the total price. Also, we were able to sell her old gold, and deduct from the final cost.

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

Price: $2000


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custom jewelry, jewelry design, fine jewelryAfter