Jewelry Makeover

Everyday emeralds

Debbie came to us with jewelry passed down from her mother: her mother’s diamond wedding ring and a number of pieces of jewelry featuring emerald stones. Both Debbie and her mother share emerald as their birthstone and, because of this, Debbie always cherished these stones that she felt connected them. Debbie also loved that she could hold on to a piece of her mother with her cherished wedding ring. 

In order to bring these jewelry items into her everyday style and wear, Debbie came to us looking for a jewelry redesign that would more closely align with her tastes. Debbie is a big fan of white metal and lean towards modern, organic and simple designs. With these frameworks and design aesthetics in mind, we set out to create an everyday ring featuring the emeralds and diamonds. 

Material: 6 marquise emeralds in a prong setting, 4 round diamonds in a prong setting in 14k white gold

*All emeralds are Debbie's, and we purchased 4 round diamonds. Then, we deducted her old gold from the final cost.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Total price: $1900 - 200(gold credit) = $1700