Jewelry Makeover

Engagement ring for him

Bryce and his boyfriend have been together for seven-and-a-half years since they met in college. With their eighth anniversary on the horizon, they started talking about the next step in their lives: engagement! 

Bryce and his boyfriend wanted to do things a little differently. After they mutually decided that they wanted to get married, they decided that they were each going to select their own engagement rings for themselves so they could be certain they would love this ever-important piece of jewelry that they would wear every day and would represent their love, relationship, and lifelong commitment. 

Bryce knew that he wanted to embrace his culture with his engagement ring. His mother, who is of Thai descent, had inherited some ornate Thai-style sapphire and diamond ring from her own mother before passing on the jewelry to Bryce. Bryce knew that he wanted to incorporate these stones into his engagement ring in a design that would be both modern and contemporary while still nodding to the ornate style of the Thai jewelry of his ancestors.

Material: 1 round sapphire in bezel setting, 14 round diamonds in cut-down setting in 14k white gold

*All stones are Bryce's.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Total price: $1800

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