Jewelry Makeover

When two become one

Camila came to us with her engagement ring. The ring had an additional band which allowed her to stack her wedding band to her engagement ring which features a bezel setting that sits flat on her finger. She wanted to combine both the engagement and the additional stackable rings into one engagement ring. Camilla wanted her new ring to have a diamond band in a yellow gold channel setting featuring the diamond in the center in a low profile. Camila requested a new ring that featured a unique shade of gold that mixed in both yellow and white gold, something similar to what H. Stern does. 

Camilas’s rings were beautifully made but a bit chunky for her taste, especially when the rings were worn together. When all three rings were worn together, they became very wide on her finger and impossible to wear, especially everyday.

Camila instead wanted to combine the two engagement and additional stackable rings into one ring with a center diamond in a prong setting and a diamond channel set for the shank. 

Material: Ring 1: Cushion diamond in claw prong setting, diamonds in channel setting on shank in 18k white gold

*All stones are Camila's, and we deducted her old gold from the final cost.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Total price: $2500- $260 (old gold credit) = $2240

custom jewelry, custom ring, engagement ringBefore
custom ring, custom jewelry, engagement ringAfter