Jewelry Makeover

Covid Can't Stop This Dream Engagement Ring Redesign

Catharine has been holding on to these two 14k white gold diamond rings for many years. Although she loved the two different diamond shapes — both round and baguette cut diamonds — she found the aesthetic of the old rings to be a bit chunky and generic. 

Catharine wanted the redesign to include all the beautiful diamonds from her old rings while creating a more delicate ring would fit her lifestyle and her taste. 

We originally began by presenting Catharine with a series of sketches for asymmetric cluster rings. While these designs would utilize the two sizes of diamonds we had available, eventually we moved closer to the geometric pattern rings. Ultimately, we realized that the two diamond shapes called for this delicate geometric ring and we worked with Catharine to find a design that fit her idea of what could be truly delicate. 

We provided a couple of different doodles of geometric rings and Catherine also helped us with some sketches of her own. 

Materials: Platinum with Diamonds in a scoop, bead, micro-pave setting.

*All diamonds for ring are Liana’s, so some cost was deducted.

Manufacturing Level: Difficult

Design Level: Difficult

Price: $4500


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