Jewelry Makeover

Her grandmother's earrings become my first post-baby redesign

Danielle came to me in the summer to begin work on a custom redesign of her grandmother’s earrings. She’d been holding on to them for awhile and figured that the Pandemic was a great time to get started on going out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new. 

Danielle came to us just as we started taking on clients again after the start of the Pandemic in March. She knew that it was a time of uncertainty and upheaval — not only because of the unknowns surrounding the Pandemic but also because I was personally going through a big change: I was pregnant with a baby due in July! 

Danielle knew that she wanted to utilize all of the diamond stones from her grandmother’s earrings in her new ring redesign. Initially, Danielle wanted an asymmetrical cluster ring although she eventually decided that she preferred either the eternity band or “X” band designs we showed her. We offered her two options for the “X” ring, one with a narrower X and one with a wider X.

Materials:14k yellow gold with round diamonds in cut-down setting

*All diamonds for ring are Danielle’s, and we were able to reuse her gold. So, some cost was deducted.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $1600


custom jewelry, jewelry designBefore
custom jewelry, jewelry designAfter