Jewelry Makeover

Heart-Shaped Ruby Ring Brings The Drama

Once again, the redesign process was slowed by the onset of the COVID-19 Epidemic. However, we were able to strongly communicate any design and production delays to Liana and utilize the extra time in the brainstorming phase of the process to make sure that she got something she was truly in love with. 

Liana originally wanted a simple ring with a centered bezel-set ruby. We started by showing her a number of different options with different size bands. With a design such as this one, whose jewels came from Liana’s previous jewelry but whose band needed to be made completely fresh from new metals, the price points could vary wildly depending on the size of the band Liana would choose for her design. 

Liana decided that she preferred a bigger band and decided to go one step further by adding a number of diamonds that would be set around the ruby throughout the band. 

We offered Liana two options for the diamond setting, one with uniformly sized diamonds throughout the band and one with different sizes of diamonds that lent the ring a more diamond look. Liana loved the bigger, bolder, and more dramatic design with the different shaped diamonds set throughout the band. 

Materials: Ruby in 14k yellow gold bezel setting. Diamonds in 14k yellow gold flush setting. 

*All diamonds and ruby for ring are Liana’s, so some cost was deducted.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $1500


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