Jewelry Makeover

A tale of two sets of earrings

Grace loved the ring we made for her to represent four of her relationships in one ring and wanted to make something from the diamonds she still had that weren’t used in that redesign. She wanted to combine these diamonds with some amethyst beads that she had from a pair of earrings she was no longer wearing. We wanted to make her one pair of earrings that would combine both the diamonds and the amethyst. However, the amethyst were beads — rather than smaller stones like the diamonds — and it was difficult to find a design that would work that would include all of Grace’s gems in one single piece. The solution: We would make not one, but two pairs of earrings for Grace! 

All of our initial sketches were attempting to create one pair of earrings from the diamonds and the amethyst beads that Grace contributed to the redesign. We created a couple of different options with a variety of complex back-of-earring design details that would allow the amethyst beads and the diamonds to work together. However, after some thought, we all agreed that it would be best to create two pairs of earrings with one pair featuring the diamonds and the other pair featuring the amethyst. 

For the diamonds we created a chunky gold stud earring design. For the amethyst beads we used a chain element from a pendant design but re-envisioned the concept as a chain-link hanging stud. We were excited to make Grace a pair of modern-casual earrings and a pair of more luxury dress-up earrings all in one redesign project. 

Materials: 1) 14k yellow gold earrings with round diamonds in flush setting and princess diamonds in bezel setting with ear post; 2) 14k yellow gold earrings with gold chain and amethyst beads with ear post. 

*All the diamonds and amethyst beads are Grace's.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $2550 (1. the drop earrings - $750, 2. the stud earrings - $1800)


custom jewelry, jewelry designBefore
custom jewelry, jewelry designAfter