Jewelry Makeover

The perfect incorporated closure

Terri has been holding on to a diamond ring from her mother for many years. Although she appreciated the emotional and monetary value of the big, round centerpiece stone, she wanted to design a piece of jewelry that would suit her style so she would wear it more often than it sat in a drawer.

Over a video consultation, Terri told us that she was interested in a very simple pendant and we were able to create some minimal and chic designs for her. However, nothing is that simple! 

Something that Terri found very important in her jewelry was ease of wear, and thus wanted the closure of the necklace to be both simple and a part of the design of the necklace itself. This made Terri’s pendant a new kind of design challenge for us as we pushed ourselves to find a design that would incorporate the closure into the design itself, effectively hiding it all while making the entire necklace more versatile and dynamic.

Materials: 14k yellow gold chain and closure with a round diamond in bezel setting

*The stone for pendant is Terri's, but we had to buy the chain and closure, and we deducted her old gold from the final cost.

Manufacturing Level: Simple

Design Level: Medium

Price: $3600 (Before deduction: $3800)


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