Jewelry Makeover

Surf's up with wave-inspired ring

COVID has been a hard time for all of us, especially in the early days when everything was so unknown and uncertain. However, Mary was able to find a great use of her extra time and started heading outside. She was excited to devote more time to her passion: surfing. 

Getting outside and getting on the waves last year wasn’t the only great thing that came to her amidst the confusion — she also met her now-fiancée when a friend of hers introduced them while surfing. They spent so much time together surfing and falling in love and she was thrilled when he proposed to her last year with his grandmother’s ring.

Mary found it so endearing that her fiancée wanted to share this special part of his family’s history with her through jewelry, however she also wanted their engagement ring to represent their relationship and tell their story. Mary also wanted to incorporate peridot into the ring’s design, as it was her fiancée’s birth stone. 

Materials: 14k white gold ring with large round diamond in a claw prong setting and small round diamonds in a fishtail pave setting 

*All the diamonds are Mary's.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $1900 

custom ring, custom jewelryBefore
custom ring, custom jewelryAfter