Jewelry Makeover

The vacation stone

While on vacation in Columbia in 2019, Sarah’s husband bought her a beautiful bluish-green stone with a chunky square cut. 

After two years of admiring the stone, Sarah was ready to have it set into a custom ring. In order to match the design to her everyday style, Sarah opted for a minimal design setting with the vibrant stone adding a dousing of luxury. We were pleased to create this elegant and simple setting that allowed this stunning and unique stone to fully express itself.

Sarah knew that above all she wanted the ring design to be something minimal. With such a vibrant stone, she wanted to make sure that the stone was the most important part of the design but she also wanted to make sure that this was a ring that she would be able to wear everyday. 

Although the two-sided bezel is a risky design, leaving the heavy stone exposed on half of its sides, we all agreed that it was the design we favored. Sarah was so excited for her distinctive stone to be so perfectly featured. With only two sides, the minimalism couldn’t be beat! 

Materials: 14k yellow gold with two-sided bezel setting, green and blue bi-color stone

*The stone for ring is Sarah's, so some cost was deducted.

Manufacturing Level: Difficult

Design Level: Moderate

Price: $2850


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