Jewelry Makeover

Her perfect custom cross pendant

Soojung came to us with a custom design request: a diamond-set cross pendant. We’ve never made a cross pendant before so we were excited to work with Soojung to create a piece that she would love and that fit in with her personal style. 

Cross necklaces have been popular, some say, since the Black Plague, when they were thought to protect the wearers from evil, especially in the form of the illness that was then  confronting Europe. In today’s time, a cross pendant is a perfect balance for a spiritual connection to health, protection, and wellness amidst the current pandemic as well as a fashionable nouveau gothic accessory (thank you Cruel Intentions!). 

As a fan of modern designs with classic sensibilities, Soojung was excited for us to custom design the perfect cross pendant for her. 

Materials: Platinum with diamonds in prong setting

*Studio Remod had to buy diamonds for Soojung.

Manufacturing Level: Difficult

Design Level: Moderate

Price: $4135


custom jewelry, jewelry design, fine jewelryBefore
custom jewelry, fine jewelry, custom pendantAfter