Jewelry Makeover

Sisters' bond

Tess was holding on to two mine cut diamonds for years for her daughters, Joshi and Moirah. 

Although close, Joshi lives in Chicago while Moirah lives in California. The two sisters came to us to create something that would remind them of each other despite their distance. They figured the diamonds from their mother would be a great base for identical rings that would always remind them of each other. 

The sisters knew that they’d wear the rings on their right fingers and wanted to make sure that they didn’t look too similar to engagement rings -- a common sight for diamond rings. To do this Joshi and Moirah figured that a matte band would set it apart from engagement rings by giving the rings a masculine look featuring some feminine touches.

Materials: Ring 1: 18k yellow gold with 2.32ct old mine cut diamond, Ring 2: 18k yellow gold with 2.21ct old mine cut diamond

*These stones are Tess’s, and the stone price is excluded from the total price.

Manufacturing Level:  Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $4800


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