Jewelry Makeover

Laura's evil eye ring armor

Laura has always been fascinated by the Evil Eye imagery, the concept that one can ward off bad thoughts -- or even curses -- with this traditional imagery. 

Laura knew she wanted a piece of jewelry of her own with this design so she went through her own belongings to find a collection of gold jewelry and a large, centerpiece diamond from an old pendant that she could incorporate into a redesign that would fit her vision of the ring that she wanted for self-protection. 

With the source jewelry of precious gold and a substantially-sized diamond, we wanted Laura to receive a custom-made piece that was both delicate and fearless. 

Materials: 14k yellow gold with round cut center diamond in prong setting with melee diamonds in cut-down settings 

*The big diamond is Laura’s, and the diamond price is excluded from the total price. Also, we were able to sell her old gold, and deduct from the final cost.

Manufacturing Level:  Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $1500


custom jewelry, jewelry design, fine jewelryBefore
custom jewelry, jewelry design, fine jewelryAfter