Jewelry Makeover

Mother's treasures

We were thrilled to have Catharine, one of our long-time customers, back to Studio Remod to create some new pieces from sentimental jewelry pieces that used to belong to her mother.

This time around, Catharine brought us three pieces from her mother’s collection that were now in her possession, including a pair of 24 carat gold earrings whose gold she was especially interested in using to make her new jewelry.  These were earrings of her mother’s that she was always especially fond of and she wanted her new jewelry to help her keep this part of her mother with her always. 

Catharine also brought us a pair of her mother’s diamond earrings that featured two heart-shaped yellow diamonds that she wanted to have us make into a new ring for her.

Finally, Catharine brought us a diamond pendant with round diamonds which we were able to use to create a design for round diamond lobe-framing earrings. 

With so many stones and metals to work with, we were excited to make not one, not two, but three different new pieces for Catharine. Because this is our third time working with Catharine, we know that she is fond of a modern style for her redesigned jewelry pieces. Having a long-standing relationship with a redesign customer means that we know more and more about what the customer is looking for and can make ever-more personalized designs to suit their specific needs. 

Although we were not able to use all of the metals to create Catharine’s final designs, we were able to use the melted-down metals to subtract from the final cost of the finished pieces. However,we were still able to use the gold from the 24 carat earrings in each of Catharine’s three new finished pieces so that each of them would be made with a little piece of her mother. 

Materials: 14k yellow gold. 1) Ring: Heart-shaped yellow diamonds in bezel setting, diamonds in bright-cut setting on the shank. 2) First pair of earrings: Round diamond with prong setting, ear hook. 3) Second pair of earrings: Round pearl with jump ring and ear post.

*All diamonds are Catharine's, and we deducted her old gold from the final cost.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $1350 (Open ring: $650, diamond earrings: $450, pearl earrings: $250)


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