Jewelry Makeover

Bridal rings are lost and found and redesigned

Liz experienced every bride’s worst nightmare: She lost her rings! Instead of doing what many of us would do (freaking out, of course), Liz decided to come to us to create a new engagement ring made from other pieces of jewelry that were important to both her and her husband. 

Two years later, and, lo-and-behold, Liz came back to us. She found her original diamond wedding band and solitaire ring! Although she was thrilled to have found them, she realized that her original rings were a little too basic and classic for her taste and wanted to have them redesigned for something with more details that was a little “different”. We love how Liz is a total original! 

Again, Liz was interested in having a diamond-heavy piece and we were glad that she brought us jewelry that included all the diamonds we would need for our redesign -- a great starting point! 

Liz was interested in having smaller diamonds surrounding her center diamond as well as a new diamond band that she could stack with her solitaire ring. 

Materials: Platinum and round diamonds

*All diamonds are Liz's, and we deducted her old gold from the final cost.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $2800 (Solitaire ring: $1800, Wedding band: $1000) 

custom ring, studio remodBefore
custom ring, studio remodAfter