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Timeless love bridal set

Daniel came to us looking to make a new bridal set for his wife in honor of their 8th anniversary. Daniel also wanted to use his parents’ wedding ring, a thick gold band with smaller set diamonds, as the base material for his new set. Daniel wanted to create a classic bridal set with a large solitaire diamond ring and a smaller diamond set band using the gold melted down from his parents’ ring. 

Daniel’s request was not without meaning. Daniel was especially interested in using his parents’ wedding ring because of their divorce. He wanted to use their ring as a symbol within the new set to showcase the strength of the love he and his wife have for each other and that they can create something new, and stronger, than the dissolved marriage of his parents. 

Material: Diamond solitaire ring: 1.01 ct round diamond in prong setting (with Daniel’s own gold); Diamond wedding band: round diamond in scoop setting in 14k yellow gold 

*Gold is Daniel's. We bought the 1.01 ct round diamonds and the small diamonds on the band.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium 

Total price: $6950 

1 CT solitaire diamond ring 

Price: $5200

Diamond band

Price: $1750

custom jewelry, studio remodBefore
custom jewelry, studio remodAfter