Jewelry Makeover

Parents' rings get a stackable redesign

Erin has been holding on to these three rings that belonged to her parents for years. Although she has worn them in the past, she realized that she found them to be too chunky for her taste. 

Instead of allowing the rings to sit in a drawer, Erin came to us looking for a redesign of the rings that would be more modern and delicate in order to better suit her style. Erin looked forward to honoring the gift of her parents with jewelry that she would be interested in wearing on a daily basis. 

Although she wanted a different design, Erin had realized that she did like wearing all three of the rings together as a stack and requested that our redesign would allow her for creative mixing and matching of the order of the rings for a more dynamic overall look and versatile styling. Although we started with three rings, Erin said that two rings would satisfy her interest in having multiple and stackable rings. 

Erin was also excited to use the redesign as an opportunity to celebrate a milestone and her bright future after moving to San Francisco and planning to open a store of her own there. 

Materials: 14k yellow gold ring with round diamond in bezel setting.  

*The diamonds for rings are Erin's, and we deducted her old gold from the final cost.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $2950 (Before deduction: $3200)

custom jewelry, studio remodBefore
custom jewelry, studio remodAfter