Jewelry Makeover

Old Gold for New Family Jewels

Parme is a new mother and, like all mothers, she wants to carry her children with her wherever she goes. In order to celebrate her children (including her second daughter who is on the way), Parme decided to go through her drawers and found a stock of unworn gold chains that she could finally find a purpose for -- redesigning them into medallion necklaces for herself and her daughters. Parme also wanted to create a daily wear gold cuff, something she had always wanted, that would also be a great push gift after the birth of her second daughter. 

Materials: First Medallion: 18k yellow gold with lapis bead. Second Medallion:18k yellow gold with sapphire in a bezel setting. Third Medallion: 18k yellow gold with emerald in a prong setting. Cuff: 18k yellow gold. 

*Some gold for medallions' is Parms’s, and some cost was deducted from her medallions. The cuff was made new.

Manufacturing Level:  Medium

Design Level: Basic

Price for cuff: $6600

Price for 3 medallions: $1000


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custom jewelry, jewelry design, fine jewelryAfter