Jewelry Makeover

New earrings to match the set

Daphne came to us with a jewelry set from her mother with three different pieces featuring ruby and sapphire stones. The set had a ring, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings. Daphne loved the set — and that it was from her mother — but she wasn’t a fan of the earrings, which she felt were too heavy and that the design was a bit too outdated for her taste. 

Daphne wanted us to redesign the earrings so that they would still go with the rest of the set, which she wanted to keep intact, but make them lighter, more updated, and more in line with her own style. 

Material: Oval emerald in prong setting, diamonds in bead setting, rubies and sapphires in channel setting in 14k yellow gold

*All diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are Daphne's, and we deducted her old gold from the final cost.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: $2000 ($2200 - 200)

studio remod, jewelry redesign, custom jewelryBefore
studio remod, jewelry redesign, custom jewelryAfter