Jewelry Makeover

Grandmother's opal ring

Pamela had these 2 rings from her maternal and paternal grandmas, and she wanted to make a modern and upgraded ring for herself with these 2 rings to celebrate her family heirloom. So, we used all the opals, the big diamond, small diamonds, and gold to remake the new ring. The result was a ring that includes the family heirloom. This was very heartwarming project for me, and I really loved the way this new ring came out.

Material: 14k yellow gold castings. 3 oval opals, 0.5 ct round diamond, 2mm round diamonds

*These stones are Pamela’s, and the stone prices and gold are excluded from the total price. Additional individual casting flask charge for $150 for reusing the same precious metal.

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

Price: $900


custom made ring, custom jewelryBefore
custom jewelry, custom made jewelryAfter