Jewelry Makeover

A customer who knows what she wants

Paris brought us a collection of jewelry that she had received over the years from either her partner or her parents. Many of these pieces featured blue stones, either aquamarine or blue topaz, that she wanted to incorporate as the centerpieces for the new pieces she commissioned from us to design and make for her in alignment with her taste and interests. 

Paris already had certain ideas about what kind of jewelry she wanted. She knew that she wanted a larger pendant that was substantial in both size and visual effect as well as mix and match earrings. For the earrings, this meant a design that would feature one long and linear earring and another earring that would be shorter and with more of a round aesthetic. 

It’s great when a client comes to us knowing exactly what kind of pieces they are interested in and with a distinct idea of the style that they would like for their jewelry redesign!

As Paris already knew that she wanted blue stones for the centerpieces for her new jewelry, she chose to use a big rectangular blue topaz as the key stone in her pendant surrounded by smaller diamond paves. Paris also chose to use round aquamarine stones for her new earrings. All of these blue stones came from the jewelry she brought to us at the beginning of her redesign process. 


Material: Pendant: Rectangular blue topaz in bezel setting and round blue sapphire in bezel setting with diamond pave in 14k yellow gold; Earrings: round aquamarine stones in bezel setting, round pearls with ear post in 14k yellow gold.

*All diamonds, stones and pearls are Paris'.

Manufacturing Level: Medium

Design Level: Medium

Price: Earrings - $1600, Pendant - $1800