Jewelry Makeover

31.63 Oval Citrine

Anna is an astute jewelry buyer but not an artist or a designer. She bought this 31.63 Oval citrine stone from an online auction. With just a stone, Anna knew she wanted to give some input on a piece of custom jewelry.  Anna knew she wanted to make the stone into a cocktail ring (her favorite) but she needed to build out the piece into more than just a gem. Anna was very excited to find Studio Remod as she is based in New York City.

Material: 14K yellow gold castings, 31.63 ct oval citrine stone in prong setting.

*These stone is Anna’s, and the stone price is excluded from the total price.

Manufacturing level: Medium

Design level: Medium

Price: $1500


custom ring, custom jewelryBefore
custom ring, custone jewelryAfter